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  • Ethan Kapelka

A Day at Mbelekete School: Clean Water, Generosity, and Hope

In June 2023, five people involved in WASH For Life travelled to Malawi to learn about the country, meet its people, and see first-hand how the organization has helped people. Driving to every region of the country, they visited several of twenty-three total boreholes, which were funded by public donations. As a result, the organization, its donors, and the team are more inspired and dedicated than ever to work towards our mission.

Our Visit to Mbelekete School

In February 2023, the borehole at Mbelekete School in Dowa, Malawi in Africa was formally dedicated after being built in December last year. Funds were raised for its construction by St. John's Starfish Foundation, a student-founded organization through St. John's Northwestern Academies. In June, we had the opportunity to visit the school and see the borehole in-person.

Watch the video about our visit to Mbelekete School (below).

Dillon Hamer, the president of St. John's Starfish Foundation, gave a speech at the school (see below):

Learn more about St. John's Starfish Foundation here.

WASH For Life remains committed and focused on building boreholes for schools so that they can enjoy clean and available water. This is not possible without your help, so consider donating online.


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