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Malawi is a country in southeastern Africa and has a population of just over 20 million. Out of that 20 million, around half of the population are children. Many Malawian communities lack easy access to clean drinking water, so the job of retrieving it is left to young women. These young women may have to walk several miles with buckets to provide for their families. As a result, they usually aren’t able to attend school.

We work with our counterparts in Malawi to organize the building of wells in undeveloped communities, especially at schools. We bore holes and build wells so that nobody goes thirsty and young women can spend more time in the classroom instead of fetching water. Building wells helps communities grow and expand.

Donations are targeted toward the funding of building new wells in Malawian communities. The total construction cost of a well is $7,500. Thanks to our donors, we have been able to build 23 wells since 2017 (see below). Our mission is not possible without you. Thank you!



1. Kamwala Il Primary School in Lilongwe
2. Kapija Primary School in Mzimba
3. Kapoka Primary School in Mzimba
4. Boma Primary School in Kasungu
5. Boma Primary School in Kasungu
6. Chithiba Primary School in Kasungu
7. Chithiba Primary School in Kasungu
8. Kaziwa Primary School in Ntchisi
9. Bango Primary School in Mulanje
10. Vonken Community Day Secondary School in Mulanje
11. Mombe Primary School in Machinga
12. St. Peter's Dickson Primary School in Lilongwe
13. Mkaka Primary School in Lilongwe.
14. Kasakala Primary School in Ntchisi
15. Kamwankhuku Primary School in Mzimba
16. Mtsukamakoza Primary School in Dowa
17. Euthini Community Day Secondary School in Mzimba
18. Karanga Primary School in Mzimba
19. St. Austin Primary School in Mzimba
20. Kawonekera Primary School in Mzimba

21. Mikanga School in Ntchisi

22. Kalopa Primary School in Mzimba

23. Mbelekete School in Dowa

24. Kaluluma Secondary School in Kasungu

25. Kaluwero School in Mzimba

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