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  • Ethan Kapelka

Boreholes 21 & 22 Completed in Malawi

This Autumn, WASH For Life added two more boreholes to its list of 20 other boreholes created since 2017. Our boreholes help provide easy-to-access, clean water for schools in Malawi, Africa. WASH For Life's primary focus is building new boreholes for communities that demonstrate the greatest need. Borehole #23 is currently in production. Thank you to everyone involved in making this mission possible. Learn more about the new boreholes below.

Borehole #21 - Mikanga School in Ntchisi

Borehole #21 was completed in September 2022 and was specially dedicated to Connie Hamer by her father, Jack Hamer. He is the president of Starfish Brothers. He started Starfish Brothers with his brother Steve Hamer, the president of WASH For Life. Together, they both are working toward the goal of delivering fresh water to students and families in Malawi. Connie Hamer designed the Starfish Brothers website and helps with marketing material.

Borehole #21 located at Mikanga School in Ntchisi

Mikanga School received a new latrine in addition to the new borehole, the first constructed through our mission. Pit latrines are simple holes in the floor and designed without toilets. These latrines are both sanitary and within close proximity to the school. They will also help to improve the punctuality of the students.

Borehole #22 - Kalopa Primary School in Mzimba

Borehole #22 was built and completed in October 2022, compliments of the Steinpreis family. The sign on the borehole states, "from the blessings of Jesus Christ." It is a spiritual message that the locals and all religious people involved will appreciate.

Borehole #22 located at Kalopa Primary School in Mzimba

The Kalopa Primary School has 374 students, all of whom the borehole will help support. The school also received two double latrines that have been completed. Furthermore, the school has a feeding program that provides meals for teachers and students. The borehole has already proven to be an improvement toward the program, as the borehole provides easy access to water needed to make the porridge. Patrick Tembwe, the person overseeing the program in Malawi, stated, "There is great improvement in terms of the feeding program at Kalopa since the women who prepare porridge draw water by their doorsteps."

The meal centre at Kalopa School

Patrick Tembwe at Kalopa School grounds


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